Connecting with students through Junior Achievement

East Coast JA grade 6, East Coast JA grade 9

Sometimes it can be hard to connect learning to real life applications. As a proud supporter of Junior Achievements (JA) Business Hall, Suncor has partnered with the organization on two educational programs in the school system: the ‘Our Business World’ program for Grade 6 students and the ‘Economics for Success’ program for Grade 9 students. The goal of both programs is to inspire Grade 6 and Grade 9 students to succeed in a global economy, which aligns to our commitment to leadership, operational excellence and community involvement.

To date, Suncor has participated in two in-class sessions with students and staff, resulting in meaningful conversations about planning an education and career path for the future.

Suncor team member Greg Piercey is one of the volunteers who participated in the Grade 9 program. “One of the things that made an impression on me was that, even in Grade 9, some of the students already had an idea of what they wanted to be, although they didn’t quite know how to get there,” says Greg.

Volunteers guided students through different types of jobs with various income levels to teach them about personal budgeting and how lifestyle and career choices go hand-in-hand.

“You could see this as a big eye opener for many of the students – just how important education and career planning can be to their future lifestyle wants and needs,” Greg adds.

Involvement so far in these programs has been very successful for everyone involved. Our volunteers look forward to continuing to interact with the students and support programs that simulate real world experiences while helping them think critically and gain new perspectives.

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