Legal Advisory - Forward-Looking Information

This publication contains certain forward-looking information and forward-looking statements (collectively referred to herein as "forward-looking statements") within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements are based on Suncor's current expectations, estimates, projections and assumptions that were made by the company in light of its information available at the time the statement was made and consider Suncor's experience and its perception of historical trends.

Some of the forward-looking statements and information may be identified by words like "anticipates", "will", "plans", "continue", "should", "may" and similar expressions. Forward-looking statements in this publication include: the expected results from our efforts to address odour issues at the Montreal refinery; that Suncor will continue to look for secure future growth opportunities in Alberta; expectations, including relating to project size and timing, surrounding early-stage or potential wind and/or solar projects including the Hand Hills Wind Project, Forty Mile Wind Project, Schuler Wind Project, Huxley Wind Project, Braconnier Wind Project, Shaunavon Wind Project, Hand Hills Solar Project, Forty Mile Solar Project and Schuler Solar Project; that the Poplar Creek cogeneration facility will provide enhanced opportunities for reliability and efficiency growth of renewable energy development in Saskatchewan; that the public awareness and damage prevention program will enhance public safety and the components of such program; the effects of our noise reduction efforts at the Montreal Refinery; the continued excellent safety record at the Commerce City Refinery and the continued improvement to its overall reliability; statements surrounding the Aboriginal Employee Network and the anticipated benefits thereof; references to Suncor's GHG goal and social goal, including the areas of focus which Suncor will take to achieve such goals and the impacts of working towards such goals; statements surrounding the intent of the Creative County Fund; the timing of construction on the pipeline project north of Fort Lupton; statements regarding Suncor's "Journey to Zero" including the factors which will help Suncor in achieving its goals; Suncor's continued support of Junior Achievements Business Hall and the expected benefits thereof; statements relating to Suncor's support of the Terra Nova Young Innovators Award including the intended use of the research; statements surrounding Suncor's donation to Lambton College and its expected benefits, as well as the expectation regarding student and employee engagement upon relocation of the lab at Lambton College; the expected benefits and uses of the data coming from air monitoring stations around the Sarnia refinery; Suncor's belief that preventative maintenance has the ability to extend the life of wind assets; statements surrounding the Meadow Creek East project, including the timing of the projects development and construction, the target for first oil, the estimated production rates for the project and that Suncor will continue to engage with stakeholders regarding the project; the projected future amount of investments in Quebec; statements surrounding the Fort Hills Project, including the expected mine life of the project; the expectation that Suncor's industrial hygienist will measure potential employees' exposures to occupational hazards and ensure they are kept within the exposure limits, guidelines and standards; the belief that Suncor's Renewable Energy team will continue its focus on exploring new opportunities for investing in renewable power in Canada and continue to look for new ways to invest in facilities and operations that demonstrate Suncor's commitment to supporting a lower carbon future; the expectation that the $3 million investment by Suncor Energy Foundation to the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation will help the foundation continue its collaborative work, strengthen the community and enhance the quality of life in the region; the goals and expectations of the Wetland Plant Study; Suncor's expectation that it will continue to improve its processes for bringing crude into its refineries, that the implementation of an electronic ticketing system will help ensure that it has accurate data on crude and can remain focused on safety; the expected impact of the introduction of Suncor's Serious Injury and Fatality safety metric will have; statements regarding environmental improvements at the Sarnia refinery and the expected benefits therefrom; and statements surrounding the Burrard Terminal, including the type of work involved, the results and timing of such work, expectations surrounding communication practices; Suncor's plan to strengthen its relationships with educational institutions and the results therefrom; statements surrounding the Commerce City refinery, including statements surrounding its HSN emissions, that Suncor will continue to report all emissions as it has in the past while working closely with all stakeholders and that ongoing and future construction phases will enable Suncor to continuously improve its environmental performance and meet regulations related to wastewater treatment and discharge; statements surrounding the MOECC's Benzene Technical Standard, including our baseline testing, the measures undertaken to control benzene air emissions and their impacts as well as the areas of focus on a going forward basis; statements regarding Suncor's reclamation goals and the inputs to success and the expected benefits of the involvement of Aboriginal groups in the reclamation process; the anticipated success of certain procedures and processes at the Edmonton refinery in minimizing the impacts of turnarounds; the belief that Suncor is prepared to respond in a timely and effective manner to minimize any impact in the event of an incident; statements regarding the carbon capture and storage project conducted by ParaChem, including its goals, the main objectives of VCQ and that the initiative led by CO2 Solutions and VCQ should reduce the costs associated with carbon capture, storage and reuse to produce new profitable commodities; the belief that the emergency response simulations which take place at the Montreal refinery will allow us to act swiftly if an incident occurs and that we will be prepared from our regular review of our procedures; Suncor's belief that oil and gas will remain a large part of the energy mix for many years to come; the expected benefits from the Demonstration Pit Lake; the expectation that Suncor will remain Colorado's local and secure, long-term source for reliable energy products that is committed to continued improvements in 2019 and beyond; statements about Suncor's electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that are being built as part of Canada's first coast-to-coast EV charging station network; the potential benefits from using drone technology at Terra Nova; expectations surrounding tanks and the impact that tank maintenance can have on refineries; statements about Suncor's coke-fired boiler replacement project, including that the cogeneration units will produce reliable steam for our operations, will generate approximately 800 megawatts of low-carbon power, the expectation that it has the potential to reduce GHG in the province of Alberta by 2.5 megatonnes per year, that the project will reduce air emissions, including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, that the Flue Gas Desulphurization unit can be retired and the expectation that the will reduce the volume of water withdrawn from the Athabasca River by approximately 20%, the expectation that GHG emissions associated with steam production at Base Plant will be reduced by approximately 25% and that the cogeneration units will be commissioned by 2023; and other similar statements.

Forward-looking statements and information are not guarantees of future performance and involve a number of risks and uncertainties, some that are similar to other oil and gas companies and some that are unique to Suncor. Suncor's actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by its forward-looking statements, so readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on them.

Suncor's most recently filed Management's Discussion and Analysis, Annual Information Form, Form 40-F and Annual Report to Shareholders and other documents it files from time to time with securities regulatory authorities describe the risks, uncertainties, material assumptions and other factors that could influence actual results and such factors are incorporated herein by reference. Copies of these documents are available without charge from Suncor at 150 6th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3E3; by email request to; by calling 1-800-558-9071; or by referring to or to the company's profile on SEDAR at or EDGAR at Except as required by applicable securities laws, Suncor disclaims any intention or obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.