Investing in a skilled workforce: collaborating with Lambton College

L-R : Sarnia Lambton MP, Marilyn Gladu, Dean of Technology, Energy and Apprenticeship at Lambton College, Al Arbour and Sarnia refinery vice president, Mark Hiseler discussing the announcement.

Together with Lambton College, the Suncor Energy Foundation announced a $300,000 donation to purchase industry equipment, software and simulators that support enhanced training for students enrolled in the college’s technology programs.

The new equipment will greatly enhance the educational experience for students enrolled in the college’s Chemical Production & Power Engineering Technology (CPET), Power Engineering Technology (PETC), and Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology (ICET) programs. Students will now have access to a state-of-the-art Combined Cycle Power Plant, Bio-ethanol Plant and Refrigeration and Chiller System simulators. A new piece of equipment, a Bio-diesel Trainer, designed in-house, is also expected to be completed by early spring 2017.

The donation also provides funding for mobile and Bluetooth technologies, allowing for remote monitoring and control of a Hart modem and chemical and physical iPad sensors. Mobile control of an Evaporative Crystallization trainer, a process used in bio-industrial processes to isolate compounds of interest, is also now available for students. Future plans involve deployment of educational mobile apps.

Sarnia refinery employees, city officials and Lambton College students, staff and alumni were able to see some of the new equipment in use.

The funding will also support the purchase of a steam turbine-driven air compressor. The air-compressor and the ammonia refrigeration simulation have both been identified by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) as areas that would be beneficial to industry training.

As a major employer in the region, the Sarnia refinery has benefited from the strong, collaborative relationship we have built over many years with Lambton College. This alliance has enabled us to meet our workforce needs and hire local graduates into key positions such as process operators, skilled trades and important office roles.  

Building a skilled workforce to meet the increasingly complex demands of our economy isn’t something that can be done by any one organization. It requires ongoing commitment and partnership from post-secondary institutions, government, and industry. That’s why Suncor, and the Suncor Energy Foundation, are pleased to partner with organizations like Lambton College to support the current and future workforce that will continue to contribute to our operations, the community we all share, and Canada’s prosperity.

We look forward to building on Lambton College’s central role in helping industry to thrive and our community to prosper.

This story contains forward-looking information. Please see legal advisories for more information.

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